POM75 Thems That Wait “Nova”

• September 14th, 2019

Maine Metal/Stoner Rock band Thems That Wait was formed when longtime friends and songwriting partners Craig Garland and Mat Patterson met Texan Branden Clements through a Craigslist ad in early 2017.  The band’s sound has been compared to Black Sabbath, Clutch and Kyuss. 

Thems That Wait prides itself on being a solid live rock band that sounds as full as possible as a 3 piece with mammoth drumming by Branden Clements, true bass playing from Mat Patterson who tastefully weaves around guitarist Craig Garland’s heavy handed, memorable riffs and barbaric, guttural vocals.  Following the band’s live debut in January 2018 in Portland, Maine, the power trio continued to gig and make connections, and ultimately landed a chance to open for New England Hardcore legend Scissorfight in the fall of 2018.  In January 2019, Thems That Wait recorded their debut EP Fiction at The Maine Music Mill in Brunswick, Maine with Andy Porta(Blackcat Sounds). 

Andy and the band mixed the EP and Steve Austin(Today Is The Day, Austin Enterprise Recording & Mastering) mastered it.  In addition to the band’s arsenal of all original songs, Bass player Mat Patterson designs all of the artwork for the band, including the cover for the FictionEP.  The band plans to record the follow up to Fictionbefore the end of 2019 with a tentative 2020 release date but until then, we wait…

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POM74: Lovelore “Notice Me”

• September 12th, 2019
Hi, I go by the name Lovelore. You can find my music here: https://soundcloud.com/lovelore
    I am an artist with my hands in a few things: producing, singing, rapping, piano, videography, and more. I don't like to stick to one particular genre or style of music and I allow myself to be open-minded while creating. When recording or writing music I try to channel whatever energy or feeling I'm currently experiencing and translate it into the music or art. I feel that if I can help create a powerful feeling within myself and keep it there when recording then that is the first and most important step in the process of making a powerful song that creates a powerful feeling in myself and possibly others. Sometimes it is difficult to capture the feeling and it becomes a balancing act of sorts. 
    I need to know when to simply allow the music and ideas to flow through me and when to direct them and/or focus. Also I think improving technical ability where needed/wanted will help in the execution of the process and in other people being able to connect with or enjoy the expression. This is the way I currently view making music but any other way is valid as well and some people may like to think about it in a purely technical sense and that's totally okay too. In my eyes and how I currently create, being open-minded is most important and goes along with my general and music-related philosophies. 
Thanks for reading/listening and good luck in finding and following your path!
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POM73: Bill Dwyer Band “South Caroline”

• September 7th, 2019

Formed in Boston in 2010. Bill had been primarily playing drums in his friends' bands for years since his art school days (School of The Museum of Fine Art, Boston) but decided to start something brand new after writing a bunch of songs, learning to play the guitar and finding his voice.

He decided to perform as a solo act for a year at first to gauge the response to his material. After repeated warm and positive responses to his solo shows he kept hearing from people that he should "get a band together". So the decision was made. Bill Dwyer Band has been fortunate to have included many amazing people and musicians in it's ranks through the last several years.

Current members include Cullen Corley (Drums), Charles Murphy (Bass), Joe Diaz (fill-in Bass) and Attis Jerrell Clopton (fill-in Drums). BDB is a 3 piece band with heart as its main drive. The band released it's first full-length, 15-song album "Renaissance After Sundown" (iTunes, cdbaby, Amazon, Google) in the Summer of 2015. They completed their first tour of Europe in September 2016 with 10 shows in 14 days with stops in Germany, Lille and Paris France, Amsterdam and London. The band had a BLAST as the shows were ELECTRIC and they were warmly welcomed by audiences everywhere they performed.

BDB performs throughout New England, NYC/Brooklyn and the East Coast for now. Stay tuned! 

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POM72: Jane Clukey “Who’s Gonna Speak”

• September 5th, 2019

Jane Clukey, a native of Maine, has been a singer for as long as she can remember but began taking voice lessons at the age of 14. She earned her Bachelor's of Music from the University of Southern Maine, her Masters of Music from the University of North Texas, and is pursuing her Doctorate from Shenandoah Conservatory in Virginia. Jane moved back to Maine in 2018, and has since been busy teaching voice and piano lessons, classes, and workshops. In addition to singing and playing the piano, she is teaching herself the ukulele and guitar. Jane is passionate about songwriting, is looking for band members, and hopes to record a studio album in the near future. 

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POM71: Sister Kay Kay “Bitter Waters”

• August 29th, 2019

Sister Kay Kay, SSS, is a Servant of the Blessed Sacrament in Waterville,
Maine. Growing up in Florence, Arizona, she was influenced by country
Gospel (Roy Acuff), Spanish devotional hymns, Gregorian chant and
blues (Billie Holiday). Although country and blues were frowned upon in
the convent, she used them privately to express insights from St. John of
the Cross’ “Spiritual Canticle” and other writings. She recorded “To the
Edge of Ecstasy” and “On the Wings of Love” . Her latest effort was
“American Family Snapshots”, an EP based on Pope Francis’ Apostolic
Letter “Joy of the Family”. At age 81, she continues to compose songs
and to sing them in “my Gravel Gertie voice”, occasionally posting them
on her SongU website.

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POM70: From Listen Up! Kathleen Shevenell “New York” & David Vail “Stand Up”

• August 29th, 2019

Listen Up! Music is a Portland, ME-based nonprofit community support day program and music studio that supports adult musicians with intellectual uniqueness in making music. Established in 2012, Listen Up! provides opportunities for musicians to work on writing, arranging, recording, performing, and marketing their music to the local music community and beyond. Listen Up! works with musicians of all technical abilities and skills and seeks to promote a musical community based on creativity, excitement, joy, and inclusiveness. They are affiliated with Composition Studio, The Art Department, Publication Studio, and Creative Trails, and collaborate with other organizations and musicians to make their music heard.

Listen Up! Music is proud to celebrate the release of Portland singer/songwriter/bassist Kathleen Shevenell’s “Travel EP.” Kathleen and her fellow musicians at Listen Up have written and recorded a batch of songs chronicling some of Kathleen’s travels over the past six years, with music taking a wide-scale view of North America. The music ranges from country rockers to urban ballads and campfire sing-alongs, with Kathleen’s lyrics detailing the wonder and excitement of seeing new places in each song. 
From Kathleen: "At Listen Up I started writing songs that are travel-related. I have written about one each year so far. It gave me the idea of releasing a Travel EP Album. So far I have 5 songs on it which are the best ones from my over six years of being at Listen Up. I hope you enjoy it."

David Vail is a multi-discipline artist, musician, and filmmaker from Portland, ME. He has been writing and recording music in the rock/pop genre with Listen Up! Music since 2012, teaching himself drums and guitar in the process. He has released his solo album “Unvailed” in collaboration with musicians at Listen Up! and performs regularly around Southern Maine. He has more recently released two singles which can be found on Spotify, and feature his trademark soaring vocals and catchy melodies.


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POM69: Nils Crusberg “Second Praise”

• August 22nd, 2019
Nils Crusberg studied jazz guitar in Worcester, MA with Joe D'Angelo throughout the late 1980's. He moved to Boulder, CO in the early 1990's where he befriended a host of musicians and participated in a decade of endless jams. Nils traveled to the island Jamaica in 1997 where the island's culture, religion, and music made an exceptional influence on his life. He purchased an alto saxophone that same year and started obsessively practicing, songwriting, and recording. The year 2000 brought Nils back to New England. He has been performing for the last 12 years with a reggae/hip-hop influenced band out of the Seacoast of NH called "Boom Lava". He also performs with a jazz group that goes by "Cocheco Street Jazz". He teaches private lessons on guitar, bass, ukulele, and woodwinds out of the Exeter Music Store in Exeter, NH.  You can find examples of his music at:


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POM67: Red Gallager “Crazy About the Girl”

• August 21st, 2019
Red Gallagher has been performing professionally full-time for 44 years.  During his 30s and 40s living in Minneapolis, MN Red produced three vinyl records and 3 CDs.  He performed at over 100 college campuses and opened concerts for B. B. King, B. J. Thomas, The Oakridge Boys, Leon Russell, Three Dog Night, The Guess Who, Mickey Gilley, Ronnie Milsap and others.  He now resides in Standish, ME and performs mainly for retirement clubs and residences.  His website is www.RedGallagher.com.
He can be reached at DPGRedbird@aol.com
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POM68: This World Has Bees “It Was Right Where You Left It”

• August 15th, 2019

This World Has Bees is a post-rock band from Portland, Maine. Drawing comparisons to Explosions in the Sky and Pelican, they have created music that can sometimes be crushingly heavy, or melodically ambient, but is always dramatic, experimental and bold. They have recently released their new single "It Was Right Where You Left It" in July of this year.


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POM66: Jeanette “Summer of 1985″

• July 25th, 2019

Jeanette's love of music began at the age of 2, thanks to her Mom and Dad she was listening to everything from Dylan to Hendrix. At age 10 she began to teach herself how to play guitar and not too long after began writing and recording original music. Everyday after school music was the only thing she wanted to do. As soon as she felt confident enough to play out she found every open mic around and dragged her parents all around the state of Maine. Since then her love of music has taken her so many places, from trying out for the voice in New York to recording her first EP in Nashville. Jeanette has honed her sound to bring together her love of Folk and Pop Music bringing you a show you won't want to miss!

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