POM59: Kelcie Caldwell “Oh You”

• April 18th, 2019
A long time resident of Maine, and current resident of Portland.  Kelcie has played guitar/music for 19 years, since age 12.
Since then has picked up several instruments which are featured in most of his recordings including banjo, mandolin, washboard, double
bass, dobro, and ukulele.   Kelcie was in various bands such as Cold Shower, The Loconuts!, The Cash Onlys!,  and From Around Here.
You can find his music on spotify as The Loconuts!

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POM58: Frank Pennisi “Carnival (Tommy’s Song)”

• January 10th, 2019
Frank Pennisi has appeared on the POM Podcast twice previously, but this is his solo debut.
Frank is a coworker of yours truly, and also a friend.

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POM 57. Michael Freitag. “Softly Comes Nightfall”

• November 16th, 2018

Michael Freitag is a musician based out of Southern Maine. After studying music theory at the University of Southern Maine and playing many Zeldas, he's been combining his two loves as a hobbyist composer, creating soundtracks in his spare time for games that don't exist. He aspires to one day write music for real, actual video games, and maybe even get paid for it.

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POM 56 Endo Gena: “Think So”

• November 8th, 2018

Endo Gena is an artist out of Trenton, New Jersey, with many performances and rap battles under his belt. He is the youngest of 7 children. Throughout his diverse education he often participated in performing arts classes for his fellow classmates. His music style is very unique and innovative. In the 2000's he moved from state to state looking to find the best audiences and performance venues. Even though he experienced hardship in the city, he always stayed humble and positive, looking for the greater opportunity. As a self starting young entrepreneur with a very ambitious attitude, he is making his way up. When obstacles come his way, he overcomes them, always keeping a smile on his face. His music is versatile with a new age rap style, incorporating the traditional flowing method of late 90's and 2000's songwriters and rappers. Some of his influences are Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Eminem, Big Daddy Kane, Drake, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, and a host of others. With all that he has conquered, he's determined to thrive and seek excellence!!!

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POM 55: Dial S For Space Cadets “What He Wants”

• November 8th, 2018
Dial S For Space Cadets is a band located in the Portland, Maine area, featuring Hunter Walkup, Thomas Downey, and Logan Strout.
Dial S For Space Cadets enjoys artists like, Led Zeppelin, Bob Dylan, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, and The Beatles.
Hunter Walkup's interests: Guitar, classic literature (Lewis Carroll), rhyming, and having a good time!!!!
Thomas Downey's interests: Movies, chit chat with friends, hockey, playing music, Bill Murray
Logan Strout's interests: Planes, trains and everything in between.
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POM 54 Talking Stand-Up Comedy with Stephen Wheeler

• October 11th, 2018

Stephen Wheeler is a young, up and coming Boston based comedian quickly making a name for himself in the industry. After first performing stand up in High School, he has been consistent and passionate about his drive into the business; with performances taking him throughout the New England, and New York City areas so far in his career. His style of topical and realistic humor is what helps make him stand out, attracting audiences of all ages to not only enjoy, but also relate to. His perfectionist mindset has him striving to master his style at each and every appearance, and says he has no bigger love than the love he has for the stage.

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POM 53 INNNNI a.k.a. Kyle Andrei “Yearbook Quote: So Long Suckers”

• October 11th, 2018

 INNNNI, Southern Maine’s one-man folk-punk/emo band. Drawing influence from protest songs, pop punk, and 90’s lofi, INNNNI’s songs careen from self-deprecating humor to leftist anthems to confessional ballads—all in three minutes or less. Ideal listening for the clinically depressed and those with short attention spans. innnnitheband.tumblr.com

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POM 52 Sigrid Sibley “Good New England Family”

• October 11th, 2018

Sigrid Sibley is a singer-songwriter based in Southern Maine. In additional to playing original music, she also enjoys playing bluegrass, Americana, and traditional fiddle music. Sigrid performs both as a solo musician and with local band Flight 317. She is currently studying music education with a focus in composition at the University of Southern Maine. 

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POM51 Randel and Russell Cannady “Empires”

• October 1st, 2018

In Randel's words:

 We were both born in St. Louis, Randel in '51 and Russell in '59.Our father was a singer/songwriter/comedian/bassist. We traveled around quite a bit as our father perused his career with limited success. I settled for many years in Oklahoma where I went to college(did not graduate) Russell, the outdoorsman settled in Kentucky. Though we both dabbled in music our whole lives neither of us ever perused it seriously and because of our age difference had never played together until Russell moved to Portland in '93, where I had been living for a few years.I am retired and live in Portland with my partner of 22 years "Fran". Russell is retired and lives alone in Portland.I write the songs and Russell assists me with bass and rhythms and valuable creative advice.

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POM50 Ronda Dale “Rhythm Pretend” + bonus song!

• September 20th, 2018

I'll let Ronda tell you about herself, my very special guest on my 50th episode!:  

I come from Central Virginia, in the piedmont of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains where most of my family still lives. I’ve traveled around some, gotten some schoolin’, lived in the Northern VA/DC area, Spain, New York City, on a sailboat for a few years, alit on glorious Peaks island off the coast of southern Maine for 12 years, and am now based just outside of Portland, ME.

Throughout my travels, my guitar has accompanied me over hill and dale, on planes, trains, automobiles and buses, to foreign lands, on the high seas. I’ve worn blue collars, white collars, no collars. 

Dealing with some serious health issues in the mysterious autoimmune realm a few years back helped me realize I’m on earth to sing. The road to healing has been transformative, and fun - though not always, especially in the beginning - and fascinating, and has precipitated a streaming flow of hope and percolating possibilities. Now I spend my life’s energy pursuing musical dreams centered around singing and connecting with the audience.


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