POM87 FBb “That’s the Way I Play”

• January 23rd, 2020

FBb has been playing together for about four years. The original members were James Fletcher on bass guitar and Nathan Fletcher on lead guitar and lead singing. Hayden Bachman (drums) joined the band in the September of 2017. Now, the band features other people like Annabelle Brooks on piano, Emma Moreau on alto saxophone, and Cooper Swartzentruber on alto saxophone and baritone saxophone. Also, the manager and soon to be sound guy is Aidan Collins.

They have played at such notable places as Hella Good Tacos, Empire, One Longfellow Square, and even all the way in Rochester New Hampshire on multiple occasions. The bands main genre is Rock.

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POM86 Madelyn Perry “Fantasy”/”Hear Me” (w/The Wanderers)

• January 11th, 2020

Another first person bio!

Hey guys! My name is Madelyn Perry and I am a sophomore at USM. I want to go to school for recording arts and be in the music producing industry. I’ve been songwriting since I was around 15 but I’ve been playing music since I was 10. I went to Maine Academy of Modern Music for two years and preformed all around Portland. I am a work-study student at WMPG 90.9. This song called Fantasy is about finding myself and realizing what I want to do with my life and as a career and how I’ve felt in the past year and a half and how it’s brought me here today. 

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POM85 Carole Wise “Long Way Home”

• January 9th, 2020

No stranger to the stage, Carole Wise has been composing and performing for over 50 years.  Carole began playing guitar at age eight and began a professional path by age 17,  performing in local clubs and restaurants in her hometown of Lewiston/Auburn! Her musical journey would eventually trek across the country, spanning many genres and opportunities to share the stage with well-known local and national artists

Carole’s musical tapestry has been woven thread by thread, song by song, year-by-year from a meaningful journey, rich with struggles and discipline, integrity and gratitude.  Her rapport with the audience is easy and intimate her voice fluid and soulful.  Like Carole herself, her music has incredible energy and intensity as powerful as it is passionate at times it brings a tear to your eye.  At times the smile to your heart…but it never leaves you unmoved.

Carole returns to the stage and her musical roots after an eight year caregiving hiatus with a hopeful, positive spirit.  She is grateful for this second act and for the love and support of her family and friends

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POM84: Sikko ft. FuegoBlaze “Kingdom”/ FuegoBlaze ft. Dimitri King “Walkin Thru Dese Roads”

• December 29th, 2019
Rwanda-born, US Artist Sikko, is known for his unique melodic sound of today's Hip Hop-R&B music. Sikko embodies the free spirt of hip hop while staying true to his traditional roots. The polyglot R&B rapper uses his creatively in merging different accents to create astonishing melodies.

At the young age of 9, Sikko wrote his first song inspired by various Hip Hop and R&B artists around the world, initially by a Rwandan artist named Mani Martin. Moving to America at age of 14 in 2008. Sikko started out as a versatile drummer, who later came to produce and direct music for a band that went on to open for the rapper YG in summer 2016. Sikko has taken the opportunity to master his flow that he now describes as All-around Sound; a flow that was influenced by different genres of music and artists, all while continuing to push the boundaries in hip hop-R&B music in hopes of creating a new genre and most importantly inspiring his audience.  

Sikko has been featured on multiple local radios including blog interviews. From the critics, Sikko is expected to be the next Hip Hop -R&B sound. 

If you can think of a melting pot of music, that is Sikko’s talent. His love for all the sounds makes him the most current unique Hip-Hop-R&B artistFuego Blaze born and raised in Portland, Maine started his music career in 2016. Fuego Blaze has been around music practically his whole life, from sample music to Rap music. Starting with a Record Label from 2016-2017 by the name of King Records, where he soon ventured off to do his own projects where he's recently produced his current singles "Warzone" and Hole Team Lit & Fire living ... Fuego gets his inspiration to produce his music from listening to Hip Hop/Rap legends like 2Pac, Nas, Mob Deep. Fuego Blaze is looking to go worldwide with his music. Along with his passion for music he would like to give back to the community and invest in children as well. From 2016 till now Fuego Blaze has made a major impact in his music career and will continue to do what it takes to become the next big thing.


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POM83 . Chris Kemp White . “(They Can’t) Undo This Love”

• December 26th, 2019
Maine-born and raised singer-songwriter Chris Kemp White has been making music in and around Portland for more than twenty years. After performing almost exclusively with bands––HausCats, An Overnight Low, Andy Happel, Hotel Arrival and The Frotus Caper, to name a few––he is currently writing, arranging and recording solo material. Drawing from classic and modern influences like David Bowie, Crowded House, Wilco and Death Cab for Cutie, the songs explore both spiritual and everyday themes of love, loss and longing. Josh Rogers of the Portland Phoenix writes, “White’s got a knack for poetry, elevating the quality of his lyrics with inventive phrasing and word choice.” 
Chris performs solo around Maine, sharing acoustic arrangements of original music and rearrangements of popular songs from the 60s to present. He released his first, self-titled, CD in June, 2016, then a 2-song record in partnership with boutique record label Leesta Vall later that year. Since  summer 2018, Chris has been digitally releasing his song, making them available on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, and other streaming formats. His latest song, “(They Can’t) Undo This Love” can be heard on 98.9 WCLZ, Frank FM, and 106.3 The Bone. He also plays bass and sings backing vocals with Portland cover band HausCats.
In spring of 2018, after teaching middle and high school social studies for 6 years, Chris changed careers to pursue music and carpentry full time. White balances his love of music with career and family. Above all, Chris cherishes time with his wife, Rachel, two children, Arran and Alice, and their dog, Ida.



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POM82: Ed Kern “Think Twice”

• December 12th, 2019

Ed tells his story:

I was born 1956 in Portland Maine. I have 4 older sisters who had a big love of music.  They played it loud! I grew up dreaming and playing air guitar until early 70s when friends had a band and no one would sing I was just a spectator; I don’t know how it happened, I started singing,then learned to play some to practice singing.  I self-taught guitar and have been playing 45 years.  I enlisted in the U.S. Air Force on my 17th birthday and served 6 years. Then at BIW as a machinist 3 years, then 25 years with New England Telephone.  Now pursuing music married 38 years to the love of my life with 3 children.

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POM81: Kelcie Caldwell. “Downeast Christmas”

• November 29th, 2019
A long time resident of Maine, and current resident of Portland. Kelcie has played guitar/music for 19 years, since age 12. Since then has picked up several instruments which are featured in most of his recordings including banjo, mandolin, washboard, double bass, dobro, and ukulele. Kelcie was in various bands such as Cold Shower, The Loconuts!, The Cash Onlys!, and From Around Here. You can find his music on spotify as The Loconuts! On bandcamp at https://theloconuts.bandcamp.com/releases and on YouTube as From Around Here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9smTcqpCMXkoWoFC-ttr1w?view_as=subscriber
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POM80: David J. Shaffer. “Americana Divide”

• November 25th, 2019

A short bio from David himself:  

I am a 58 year old singer/songwriter/actor and father of 4 wonderful kids. A lifelong musician, I play guitar, keyboards, bass and sing. As a songwriter I had several of my songs recorded for an album titled "Unfinished Business", which was in limited release. In 2014 I wrote and recorded a jingle for the Saco water-park "Aquaboggan" which was heard on many radio stations around New England for several years. My second album, tentatively titled "Americana Divide" is in the process of being recorded. As an actor I have appeared in on-stage performances and in numerous student films for the various local colleges. Also I have been involved with several independent feature films, such as "The Water in the Bay" and "The Hanover House". I can occasionally be seen performing live solo at various Southern Maine venues.


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POM79 Smokemaster 420 “Dispatch1″

• October 16th, 2019
Smokemaster 420 is what happens when experimental musicians get bored at work. Smokemaster 420 is what happens when listening to music on Youtube gets boring.
Smokemaster 420 is what happens when you combine a love of musique concrete and plunderphonics with a soft spot for toilet humor.
Smokemaster 420 is what we'd be doing anyway, but for your ears as well as ours. 
Smokemaster 420 is the name of our printer at work.
Smokemaster 420 is.
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POM78 Rebecca Kerwick “Breadcrumbs”

• October 14th, 2019

Rebecca Kerwick is a singer-songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist currently based in Portland, ME. Rebecca has performed her original music in cafes, bars, backyards, and other intimate spaces across the Northeast since 2018. Her upcoming debut album explores themes of interiority, desire, and loss. In performing the relationship between vocality and instrument, she achieves ethereal sound.

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