POM 2/22 No. 2 Storyteller Chris Newcomb

• February 20th, 2022

Chris Newcomb has performed on stages from Kittery to Holton; Penobscot Theatre to Mad Horse. He’s appeared in numerous independent movies, commercials, podcasts, music videos, and in his younger days he wrote commercials and DJ’d at two radio stations in Auburn, ME. More than anything, he loves telling his own stories.

"Think You Might Be Wrong"  One Man Show
YouTube channel. “Thanks for Thinking with Chris Newcomb”

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POM 2/22 No. 1: The Best of 2021

• February 1st, 2022

The best of Podcast Open Mic on the Radio broadcasts on WMPG!

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POM 1/22 No.2 Dano

• January 18th, 2022

Dano’s music infuses modern folk, post rock, and groove oriented rhythms with poetic lyrics creating a unique brand of conscious music that uplifts and inspires.  

Born and raised in the Buffalo suburb of Tonawanda, Dano’s role models were The Beatles, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, David Bowie, Simon and Garfunkel.

As a youth during 70’s, Dano began leading the band Odysseus at the age of 13, playing guitar and singing at school events and neighborhood parties. At 16 years of age he switched to bass and joined the band Crossroads. He was immediately thrust into the Buffalo music scene playing some of the biggest venues and supporting international touring bands such as Judas Priest, Ambrosia, John Cougar Mellencamp, Modern English, Spirit, as well as many others. After a lineup change Crossroads would become the Beez and Dano would leave to start The Western Voice and his song writing was now front and center. With The Western Voice there was label interest from A&M records as well as production interest from Mitch Easter and the band began traveling extensively, often playing CBGB’s and the Peppermint Lounge in NYC. Dano moved to NYC to further pursue his music career starting the band Zider Zee and playing regularly in the Greenwich Village scene. Dano would later form the band Swift Running Water with collaborator and lifelong friend Kevin Henneman as well as members of the legendary NYC blues band King Dice. Dano now lives in Maine and continues to write, record, and perform.


Beez – Me and My Girl/Losing Time

Beez – Handle on My Heart/Please be Mine

The Western Voice – SCREAM

Bandano – Bandano

DanoMatt – Jazz Holidaze


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POM 1/22 No.1: Alejandra O’Leary

• January 3rd, 2022

Alejandra O’Leary was born to a Colombian mother and Irish father in Portland, Maine. Having a different sounding name and being a woman of color both challenged and shaped her as she grew up listening to crashing ocean waves and Beatles records. Specifically, growing up in Portland instilled feelings of being both a native and an outsider. “I’ve always been at home with messiness, big emotions and uncertainty,” Alejandra reflects. “I guess that’s why I like rock n roll.”


After moving to Santiago, Chile at age seventeen, Alejandra became infatuated with the idea of creating rock music and followed her muse across the world for a decade, releasing four albums of original songs, sharing the stage with Guster and Asobi Seksu, and drawing positive nods from outlets like No Depression, PopMatters and Magnet. The sound Alejandra cultivated during this time was an expansive mix of raw rock theatrics, spiky indie bangers, anthemic Top 40 pop melodies, and soulful retro flourishes.

In 2016, Alejandra returned home with her newborn baby to Portland with the intention to record a new album. Never one to follow cookie cutter formulas, she rounded up a group of hand-picked local musicians and sent them demos of her new songs. No other instructions were given, and when they all showed up in the studio, it was made clear that they were going to improvise the song’s final arrangements. Alejandra refers to the band as a pop-up project, asserting “This improvisatory spirit keeps things fresh and thrilling. I find it to be the most enchanting way to create music.”

The resulting recordings have a live-wire feeling to them which reflects their on-the-spot creation. From the twangy 90’s Americana of “Undone” to the shoegazey twilight-rock of “Wires,” O’Leary’s new Maine music, specifically her fifth and sixth studio albums, EVEREST and SUNLIGHT, are packed with a variety of distinctive ‘retronuevo’ sensibilities, all indicative of their creator’s sparkling and soulful spirit.

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POM12/21 No.2: Jason Lambert + A Christmas Bonus!

• December 16th, 2021

Jason Lambert has been playing music for more than a quarter century. It started out as solo acoustic ballads, with some rock n' roll mixed in, and has eventually evolved into other musical outlets, including 80s influenced synth pop, and old school hip-hop. All the while, he has continued to write heartbreak ballads on the acoustic guitar. Lambert is also an author, who, this past summer, self-published a work of young adult fiction set in late 80s Portland. It is called Sophomore Summer and has been well received. 

plus, one of my favorite holiday Lorenzo Commentaries.

Happy Holidays & stay safe!

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POM 12/21 No. 1: Erin Zeli

• December 3rd, 2021

Erin is a Portland resident who plays the keyboard and wants to connect with other musicians to create some fun new music. She uses her YouTube channel and playlists to help her loop her original music and add depth to her sound. Currently her music interests include playing Blues, Grateful Dead, English Country Dance music, and creating unusual piano compositions like the one titled “Messing around with the Chromatic Scale” which is on her YouTube channel. Reach out to her through YouTube or Instagram.

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POM 11/21 No. 2 JimBaumerMe plus new Plague Dad

• November 15th, 2021

Based in Biddeford, ME, JimBaumerMe operates as the performance unit of singer/songwriter, Jim Baumer.

Baumer’s music originates from a space occupied by tragedy. In January 2017, Baumer’s only son—an award-winning poet and well-known environmental activist—was killed on a cross-country walk. A year later, Baumer picked up the acoustic guitar he’d had for 20 years and started playing and writing songs. He’s written more than 30 over the last 2 ½ years, and began posting music on platforms like Bandcamp and Soundcloud

His music is one part stripped-down acoustic, but Baumer is first and foremost a rocker and over the course of 2021, has developed a lively electric performance set that finds him operating as a one-man-band—playing electric guitar and utilizing a drum machine/stomp box as his percussionist. His originals speak from loss and sadness, but also offer newfound hope found in music.


New Plague Dad EP Back In The Tree on BandCamp, and check out ThatPortlandSound.com

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POM 11/21 No. 1: Brantah

• November 2nd, 2021

Brantah strives to make visceral, pure, raw music that straddles the line between progressive rock and singer/songwriter. Delivering a ride that expands from light sonic textures to aggressive rhythmic energy; performs as both solo and band. Always intuitive, listeners can expect improvisation and a jam mentality over catchy, unpredictable, original arrangements.



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POM 10-21 No. 2: Gilch

• October 20th, 2021

Think Megadeth meets Joe Satriani!

Adam Gilchrest (Gilch) is an American rock n roll/metal guitar player who's newest song Conquering Covid-19 is the anthem for overcoming the coronavirus pandemic!  It's now for sale  as part of a full CD!   E-mail  at adamgilchrest@gmail.com for a copy.  New song Aftermath of the Pandemic coming out later this year.  Jeff Thal on drums (brother of Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal who played lead guitar for Guns N Roses) and Onur Coban on vocals (who has done singing for Dave Ellefson of Megadeth)

Now working hard to try to get my original music placed in TV! 

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POM 10/21 No. 1 Plague Dad (Live in the Old Port)

• October 1st, 2021

Plague Dad is a high-energy acoustic duo out of Portland, Maine.

Frank Gallagher (vocals, 6- and 12-string guitars, mandolin and banjo) and Miguel Sanchez (vocals, bongo, spoons, stomp box and what have you) have honed their sound busking for hours around Portland and playing parties and club dates throughout Maine.

They’ve become skilled at not just commanding attention, but rewarding it, and the audience is growing.

Plague Dad delivers an authentic and compelling sound, crafted with steel strings and wood, calfskin and oak, drawing on a repertoire of tightly crafted original material and carefully curated covers. But whether they wrote the song they’re playing at any given moment or not, the Plague Dad sound draws you in: taut, sparse melodies and hauntingly urgent grooves that somehow fill the room, big or small.

One writer called it three parts Stanley Brothers and two parts Minutemen -- and a Plague Dad set is just as likey to feature a song from the one as it is from the other -- but a growing number of folks who’ve caught them live don’t really care what the label says, they just like what they hear, because Plague Dad connects.

The Plague Dad project came together in the early days of the pandemic. Laid off from his job, Gallagher spent the time up in his attic, writing and recording new songs, and just trying to make sense of it all. Eventually some of those recordings made their way to family and friends, and building on that support, Plague Dad has continued to attract attention and build an audience.

Plague Dad dropped a debut 7” in November 2020, and the first run of 250 copies is nearly sold out. They’ve got a new five-song EP coming on November 5, 2021. Tentatively titled Back In The Tree, the new material will be released in a limited run of 100 cassettes and 100 CDs, and will be available exclusively through the band’s Bandcamp page and at live shows.

Plague Dad also contributed a cover of Urine Speaks Louder Than Words to a compilation called Songs for a Bunny Named Pat, released on Eden-Wolf Records in August 2021. The CD project features a dozen covers of songs by Pat the Bunny from various artists, with 100 percent of the proceeds benefitting Books Through Bars. The limited run of 100 copies is going quickly, but a few copies are still available.

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