POM 8/22 No. 1 : Reesa Wood

POM 8/22 No. 1:  Reesa Wood

Reesa Wood has been making music in Portland, Maine since 2016, when she learned to embody rage, desire and confrontation fronting the metal edged Cadaverette, and developed confidence in her songwriting and guitar abilities in the heavy shoegaze tinged Burr. She has been performing her unique twangy ballads under the name Draudiga since 2019, both as a solo artist and with her backing band.

Draudiga lurks in the dusk, in the sleaziest corner of a haunted glade- where the dryads and the wood nymphs Sleep in Safety, head to toe Death Rock, covered in desert dust and strung out on old Gun Club and Hasil Adkins records while maintaining the airy whimsy of Kate Bush and the toothsome menace of Lydia Lunch.




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