POM70: From Listen Up! Kathleen Shevenell “New York” & David Vail “Stand Up”

Listen Up! Music is a Portland, ME-based nonprofit community support day program and music studio that supports adult musicians with intellectual uniqueness in making music. Established in 2012, Listen Up! provides opportunities for musicians to work on writing, arranging, recording, performing, and marketing their music to the local music community and beyond. Listen Up! works with musicians of all technical abilities and skills and seeks to promote a musical community based on creativity, excitement, joy, and inclusiveness. They are affiliated with Composition Studio, The Art Department, Publication Studio, and Creative Trails, and collaborate with other organizations and musicians to make their music heard.

Listen Up! Music is proud to celebrate the release of Portland singer/songwriter/bassist Kathleen Shevenell’s “Travel EP.” Kathleen and her fellow musicians at Listen Up have written and recorded a batch of songs chronicling some of Kathleen’s travels over the past six years, with music taking a wide-scale view of North America. The music ranges from country rockers to urban ballads and campfire sing-alongs, with Kathleen’s lyrics detailing the wonder and excitement of seeing new places in each song. 
From Kathleen: "At Listen Up I started writing songs that are travel-related. I have written about one each year so far. It gave me the idea of releasing a Travel EP Album. So far I have 5 songs on it which are the best ones from my over six years of being at Listen Up. I hope you enjoy it."

David Vail is a multi-discipline artist, musician, and filmmaker from Portland, ME. He has been writing and recording music in the rock/pop genre with Listen Up! Music since 2012, teaching himself drums and guitar in the process. He has released his solo album “Unvailed” in collaboration with musicians at Listen Up! and performs regularly around Southern Maine. He has more recently released two singles which can be found on Spotify, and feature his trademark soaring vocals and catchy melodies.


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