POM69: Nils Crusberg “Second Praise”

Nils Crusberg studied jazz guitar in Worcester, MA with Joe D'Angelo throughout the late 1980's. He moved to Boulder, CO in the early 1990's where he befriended a host of musicians and participated in a decade of endless jams. Nils traveled to the island Jamaica in 1997 where the island's culture, religion, and music made an exceptional influence on his life. He purchased an alto saxophone that same year and started obsessively practicing, songwriting, and recording. The year 2000 brought Nils back to New England. He has been performing for the last 12 years with a reggae/hip-hop influenced band out of the Seacoast of NH called "Boom Lava". He also performs with a jazz group that goes by "Cocheco Street Jazz". He teaches private lessons on guitar, bass, ukulele, and woodwinds out of the Exeter Music Store in Exeter, NH.  You can find examples of his music at:


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