POM51 Randel and Russell Cannady “Empires”

In Randel's words:

 We were both born in St. Louis, Randel in '51 and Russell in '59.Our father was a singer/songwriter/comedian/bassist. We traveled around quite a bit as our father perused his career with limited success. I settled for many years in Oklahoma where I went to college(did not graduate) Russell, the outdoorsman settled in Kentucky. Though we both dabbled in music our whole lives neither of us ever perused it seriously and because of our age difference had never played together until Russell moved to Portland in '93, where I had been living for a few years.I am retired and live in Portland with my partner of 22 years "Fran". Russell is retired and lives alone in Portland.I write the songs and Russell assists me with bass and rhythms and valuable creative advice.

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