POM50 Ronda Dale “Rhythm Pretend” + bonus song!

I'll let Ronda tell you about herself, my very special guest on my 50th episode!:  

I come from Central Virginia, in the piedmont of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains where most of my family still lives. I’ve traveled around some, gotten some schoolin’, lived in the Northern VA/DC area, Spain, New York City, on a sailboat for a few years, alit on glorious Peaks island off the coast of southern Maine for 12 years, and am now based just outside of Portland, ME.

Throughout my travels, my guitar has accompanied me over hill and dale, on planes, trains, automobiles and buses, to foreign lands, on the high seas. I’ve worn blue collars, white collars, no collars. 

Dealing with some serious health issues in the mysterious autoimmune realm a few years back helped me realize I’m on earth to sing. The road to healing has been transformative, and fun - though not always, especially in the beginning - and fascinating, and has precipitated a streaming flow of hope and percolating possibilities. Now I spend my life’s energy pursuing musical dreams centered around singing and connecting with the audience.


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