POM25 Ronnie Lee “Feeling Gotten”

Ronnie Lee began his musical journey with his first drum kit at age four. After years of banging on old drums and pots and pans, his Mom encouraged him to try other instruments. Ronnie began playing keyboards at age 13 and started playing guitar at age 18. Learning other instruments threw Ronnie into writing his own original music and is now heavily influenced by songwriters such as Steven Wilson, Kevin Moore, and Phil Collins. Ronnie owns and runs Haven Studio, producing and recording his own original music.

Ronnie’s latest project is the band RADIO.   Following in the footsteps of legendary bands like Rush, Genesis, Pink Floyd, and Journey, RADIO writes epic emotional songs to fit today’s life. 

Have an original song to share? Contact me, Lorenzo, at podcastopenmic@gmail.com, and let’s talk!

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