POM 09-21 NO. 1: Nick Haynes

From Nick himself:  
Colorado born and bred, I grew up in Golden under the auspices of the Coors Brewery before moving to Boulder where I spent the majority of my time studying, playing music, and eating burritos. 
I studied Neuroscience as an undergraduate and ultimately went on to receive a PhD in the field (also at CU). These science skills have enabled me some freedom of movement; I spent a year in Chile, two years in Germany, and I am now in Bar Harbor working as a postdoc studying stress neurobiology. 
Tennis and music have been the largest hobbies in my life and still abound today. Although my body won't allow me to play as well as the GOAT, Roger Federer, I still spend as much time on the court as an old man with old-man-hips can. Music began as a hobby and quickly shifted into a primary focus. I had a brilliant music teacher in college who opened my ears and mind. He taught me the importance of rhythm, making interesting arrangements, and practicing with a purpose. 
I spent a lot of time searching for my sound, and I am quite happy with the results and am excited to see how I grow.  

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