POM90 Kevin Tacka “Medley”

Kevin Tacka = Visual Artist, Musician, Theatrical Performer/Producer, Building Trade Artisan, Educator.

Kevin Tacka has been located on/near Congress Square Portland since 1994. Specializing in Fresco Murals, Fountains, Painting,  Art Restoration, Plaster - Paint -Cement Surfaces, Song/Story Producing, and Campfire Cowboy Appearances. Appearances that have resulted in 100's of Adventures Of The Black Toad and Big Bad Dan Stories,  performed live at the local Cable Access Station. Kevin also enjoys being the Portland Chapter Coordinator for The Plein Air Painters of Maine since 2014.

As a 2 time University of Southern Maine Graduate ( Fine Arts, Art Education ), Kevin has been in the WMPG Radio community since 1984.

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