POM84: Sikko ft. FuegoBlaze “Kingdom”/ FuegoBlaze ft. Dimitri King “Walkin Thru Dese Roads”

Rwanda-born, US Artist Sikko, is known for his unique melodic sound of today's Hip Hop-R&B music. Sikko embodies the free spirt of hip hop while staying true to his traditional roots. The polyglot R&B rapper uses his creatively in merging different accents to create astonishing melodies.

At the young age of 9, Sikko wrote his first song inspired by various Hip Hop and R&B artists around the world, initially by a Rwandan artist named Mani Martin. Moving to America at age of 14 in 2008. Sikko started out as a versatile drummer, who later came to produce and direct music for a band that went on to open for the rapper YG in summer 2016. Sikko has taken the opportunity to master his flow that he now describes as All-around Sound; a flow that was influenced by different genres of music and artists, all while continuing to push the boundaries in hip hop-R&B music in hopes of creating a new genre and most importantly inspiring his audience.  

Sikko has been featured on multiple local radios including blog interviews. From the critics, Sikko is expected to be the next Hip Hop -R&B sound. 

If you can think of a melting pot of music, that is Sikko’s talent. His love for all the sounds makes him the most current unique Hip-Hop-R&B artistFuego Blaze born and raised in Portland, Maine started his music career in 2016. Fuego Blaze has been around music practically his whole life, from sample music to Rap music. Starting with a Record Label from 2016-2017 by the name of King Records, where he soon ventured off to do his own projects where he's recently produced his current singles "Warzone" and Hole Team Lit & Fire living ... Fuego gets his inspiration to produce his music from listening to Hip Hop/Rap legends like 2Pac, Nas, Mob Deep. Fuego Blaze is looking to go worldwide with his music. Along with his passion for music he would like to give back to the community and invest in children as well. From 2016 till now Fuego Blaze has made a major impact in his music career and will continue to do what it takes to become the next big thing.


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