POM24 Richard Doherty “I. C. U.”

Richard Doherty plays all kinds of guitars and genres of music fairly well. He is a reliable and creative support musician and can even sing harmonies! Starting on the snare drum in second grade, Richard moved

to guitar and bass in his teens, while keeping a drum stick in his
pocket and a hand on the keyboards from time to time. He's experienced lots of recording and playing over the years, but little desire to "make it." Music is a creative outlet and performing is a fun pastime
for Richard.
Richard moved to Portland Maine in May 2017 and hope to meet other versatile musicians to create and play with. You can find some of his work at Soundcloud under the "Sidewinding" name. Richard is also a DJ and radio host at WMPG 90.9 in Portland, ME.

Have an original song to share? Contact me, Lorenzo, at podcastopenmic@gmail.com, and let’s talk!

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