POM 2.0 July 2021: Zeke and the Endorphins

Zeke L’Vek started the phenom rock band called Zeke and the Endorphins back in early 2001, drawing from the pool of incredibly talented local and national musicians he’s played with over the years, to record and perform original music. All of the players are exceptionally creative, have great listening skills, and a deep love of music! While the focus is on “Zeke tunes”, the band’s rock roots encompass all genres and styles in a go anywhere, do anything—anytime fashion. Each song’s performance will delight or haunt—they emote, float, sting, or bring you to laughter or tears. It’s worth more than a listen! It’s goose bumps!

A classically trained percussionist, Zeke fell off the deep end pursuing a postgraduate degree in Philosophy. Torn asunder between academics and musical corruption—he chose the latter —joined a rock band, toured the heartland, and began composing and recording songs. His musical background includes stints with symphonies, drum corps, college bands, big bands, little bands, and multiple rock, jazz, and R & B groups. The more diverse, but less diffuse, the better. “You gotta feel it!” There were some famous people along the way of course. But, you could find him playing smoky jazz in Paris someday, reggae in Jamaica, surf music in the Baja, or maybe all of the above!  “Rock it!!”.


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