POM 39 AFRiCAN DunDADA and James Swaka “Talking S*** with a Couple of Black Guys and a Very White Guy”

It’s been a huge year for the rapper, activist, and visionary who goes by African Dundada. Hailing from Pajok, South Sudan, the Portland artist has upped his game considerably in 2017, repping the upstart intercultural organization Portland Culture Exchange and hosting fundraiser concerts for immigrant communities and youth. To Afri, the art of making music is inseparable from activism. “I want to help as many people as I can,” he said during an appearance on WMPG’s New Mainers Speak recently. Blurring reggae, dancehall, rap and native South Sudanese music, AFRiCAN DUNDADA is a true Maine artist, and credits his move to the state for teaching him how to rap.
.James was born in South Sudan and was orphaned at age three.  He was raised in Uganda at his aunt's Catholic mission school where he learned English.  At 15 he went to Kenya's refugee camp where he got documents to come the the USA.  He arrived in 1995 as a 16 year old.
After three years of working and going to school he heard about a "utopian" society--the US military.  He joined the Marine Corps where he served as a helicopter mechanic from 1998-2006. His buddies loved his stories and thought he was funny and encouraged him to become a comedian. 
Now James does stand up comedy at Empire and other area open mic and comedy nights.  He values contributing to community because he feels he was raised by the community and wants to offer something back. He is also a worker, father, husband, landlord, and friend to many and lives in the Biddeford area.  The subtitle of James's podcast on wmpg.org is “Talking S*** with Two Black Guys.” Each episode will feature James and another Black person having a conversation about culture, diversity and humor.

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